History Of the Newport Kite Festival

Brenton Point Opened to the public 1976

AKA Held its annual meeting on the field

19?? - !9??

Tom Casselman

Tom Casselman, a graphic artist and kite shop owner from Newport ran the festival for many years.


Windblown Friends Kite Club

Around 1990 the Windblown Friends Kite Club took over the event.

*I couldn't find anything about this club on the internet. If anyone would like to provide some more information please contact us.

1993 - 2005

High Fliers Flight Co

Sue Moskowitz and Steve Santos, organized what has become a rich solid tradition, presenting all phases of kiting to the general public, featuring kite competition in all forms, with featured flyers and kite makers from all over the world.



With no official organization, it was a non-event. However, many kite flyers still visited on the 2nd week of July out of tradition.


Jamestown Kites

Kyle Lemieux organized a great gathering.



It was another non-event. Though most of the public was not aware it was not an official event with so many kites colorful kites of all sizes filling the sky.

2009 -

Kitt Kites

In 2009 Ron Kitt took over the responsibility for the Newport Kite Festival. With the help of Local Kite Clubs and volunteers, we have been able to breath new life into this longstanding Newport tradition.


It has been interesting trying to document the history of the Newport Kite Festival. I would love to talk to more people about the Festival in its early years and its many iterations. Please contact us if you would like to share some information and/or pictures. Thank you, Sue Moskowitz, for your help filling in some of the Gaps! I will consider this page a constant work in progress.